LiQWD Professional Q-Keratin Smoothing Treatment

So I’ve written before about how great LiQWD products are and now I’m currently obsessing over their Professional Q-Keratin Smoothing Treatment.  After the Brazilian Blowout backlash, it’s amazing to find a product that’s 100% free of formaldehyde (all aldehydes, in fact) and methylene glycol, which are all ingredients that are in the Brazilian Blowout and totally bad for your health.  The Q-Keratin Smoothing Treatment lasts for 12 weeks and I love the fact that it doesn’t make your hair stick-straight (so 2002), but will instead completely get rid of any frizz, otherwise known as my mortal enemy.  You can still wear your hair straight, wavy, curly, etc. but minus the disgusting poof.

According to LiQWD, they use a quinoa protein, which has a very heavy molecular weight and bonds to both the keratin already in the hair, as well as the keratin in the product.  Very weird science but also very genius.