Mandee announces holiday partnership with Soles4Souls charity

So for anyone who didn’t know, I worked at the clothing retail store Mandee my junior year of high school.  I had many, many random jobs in high school but I have to say, working at Mandee was one of my favorites.  I honestly think that I spent 90% of my paycheck while working…but hey, at least I was getting 30% off.  What’s great about Mandee (for a high school student) is that everything there is super trendy AND super cheap…and you have to remember, I was in high school pre-Forever21 so yeah, it was my mecca.  Plus, it was closer to my house than the mall.  Anywho, I’ll stop ranting about my “glory days” and get to the charitable part.

Mandee has partnered with Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity dedicated to providing shoes to people in need.  From November 4th through December 24th, all 120 Mandee stores will be collection donations of gently worn shoes and as a thank you for participating, each customer that donates will receive a 20% off discount coupon towards an item of their choice.  Good deal if you ask me!  Need more convincing?  In addition to collecting shoes, Mandee will also collect $1 donations at the register from any customer that chooses to provide further support to Soles4Souls.  Soles4Souls has given away more than 5.5 million pairs of new and gently worn pairs of shoes to-date!  Since it’s estimated that Americans have 1.5 billion pairs of unused shoes lying in their closet, you really have NO excuse.  For further information on the campaign and way to donate, visit www.giveshoes.org.