Sponsored Post: Spa Breaks

So I’ve been in the midst of planning my best friend’s crazy New York City night out bachelorette party…and then she told me she wants to go to a spa, by the beach.  Great, good to know!  I immediately switched over to my new mission of finding the coolest, trendiest spa that the Jersey shore has to offer, which seems like it might get pretty difficult.  I never realized how hard it is to find a good spa outside your area until this moment…then I came across Spa Breaks.  Granted, it’s for the United Kingdom and doesn’t include U.S. cities but I’m totally melting over their robust selection of spas and even more so, their easy way to navigate around and search.

Let’s face it, spa days are the best days but if you can’t find the right spa for you, it’s pretty pointless.  I’m loving the spa weekend options so much that I might even suggest a quick trip across the pond to my friend as an alternate to the Jersey shore…and what an amazing alternate that would be, ha.