Degree Women Natureffects Collection – TOUCH

So I got my second amazing delivery from Degree today – a beautiful bouquet that added a nice “touch” to my desk and definitely helped to release my “Outdoorphins” and stimulate my sense of sight.  After receiving these flowers, I have to admit that I actually really like having flowers around me and, funny enough, 88% of all women surveyed by Degree agree that bringing nature into their homes lowers stress and makes them happier.  Hmmm…what have I been missing?  More than half of the women surveyed also keep plants at home to stay connected to nature.  I’m on my way to the garden store right now, people.

Degree Women Natureffects Collection – TASTE

So as much as I love Los Angeles, one thing that it definitely lacks is that super exciting season change that I used to experience in New York – winter turning to spring.  It’s the most exciting thing EVER.  It starts with the bitter cold snow and then one day, mysteriously, it’s 70 degrees and sunny.  I love it.  Anyhow, I’ve parterned with my favorite deodorant, Degree, as they’ve agreed to stimulate my senses and help me feel the seasons change, even though I’m in LA.

I had NO IDEA that a whopping 40% of women have called in sick from work just to spend time outside…ha, I thought it was only me who did things like that!  My first sense stimulated?  TASTE. I was sent a yummy orange olive cake – the ingredients in the cake are inspired by two of the new fragrances from the Degree Women Natureffects Collection – olive leaf & pink pepper and orange flower & cranberry.  YUM.  I can’t wait for the next delivery.  Stay tuned.