Unique summer fitness tips from T.J. Johnson

So as of late, I have been fitness and workout-obsessed.  Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the whole LA thing…who knows.  All I do know is that when I was given the chance to chat with fitness expert and celebrity trainer T.J. Johnson, I jumped at the chance.  Check out T.J’s unique fitness tips to kick start your summer workout routine.

MAKE A SUMMER RESOLUTION – Sit down and decide on a few realistic goals.  Lost 10 pounds by fall, strengthen your upper body, tone your abdomen…write them down on a piece of paper and carry them with you.  This little reminder will help you stay on track and keep you from reaching for that midnight snack.

SWEAT, THEN SLEEP – Whether you are supplementing your workout routine or just need to jumpstart a new one, adding twenty minutes to the end of each day will give you an extra boost to your metabolism while you sleep, while also helping you burn the day’s calories.  As an added bonus, before-bdetime exercise will also help to clear your mind, relieve stress and keep you away from tempting desserts.  Jog around your neighborhood or even jump rope in your living room.

KEEP THEM GUESSING – Now that you’ve got your routine down, it may be time to switch things up.  As you notice that your workout becomes easier, your body may not need to work as hard to complete the session.  Keep your body guessing, while revving up your metabolism, by changing your workout routine every few weeks.

For additional fitness tips from T.J., check out www.TJJohnsonNY.com.