The Monday Rundown

Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick: As you know, I’m a TOTAL sucker for packaging and Tarte always takes the cake, aside from the actual gorgeous color, of course.

Philip Crangi frame: Neiman Marcus for Target collection?  Yes, please.  I’m in LOVE with this frame.

Thale Blanc Pouchette: I’m always looking for the perfect concert purse.  One that will hold the necessities (credit card, cash, cell phone and lip gloss) and this pouchette is perfect for such an event.  I love the cross-body chain strap and it’s just the right size for everything you would need.

Red velvet cupcake in a jar: The whole cupcake in a jar thing has been done but, hey, I’m still not over it.  And red velvet? YES.

What I Want In My Apartment…NOW

Ever since moving into my LA apartment, I’ve become totally obsessed with home decor.  Naturally, it’s taken me awhile to find my style and decide what I want (aka being able to afford what I want) but right now I’m craving a few more essentials that I’m hoping to buy myself in early (maybe?) 2012.

Jonathan Adler Whittier Lamp, $395

Pier 1 Hayworth Pedastal Table, $170

Target Wire Capiz Sunburst Wall Mirror, $68 (on sale!)

West Elm Essex Dhurrie Ottomon-Geo, $599

Missoni for Target (because everyone else is doing it!)

Missoni for Target, it’s the hot topic of the week!  I’ll admit, I’m always intrigued by the Target diffusion lines but necessarily always impressed (at least not since my navy Anna Sui for Target dress of 2009).  BUT, this new Missoni for Target line…yeah, it looks pretty impressive.  I’m hearing friends whisper about how they’re lining up at 6 am at the West Hollywood location…but me?  I don’t know if I have that kind of dedication.  If I did, here’s what I’d snag (available September 13):

I don’t even live on the west side (e.g the area of LA where people actually ride beach cruisers) but I still, obviously, want this.


And 4 years later, I bought a new pair of pants

So back during senior year of college, I lived in a pair of stretchy black foldover bootcut leggings and I’m not afraid to admit it.  I probably wore these pants at least 3 days a week and when asked where I got them, I would lie and say they were from Bloomingdales but, in reality, they were from none other than Target.  I’m not really sure why I didn’t want to admit they were from the practically chic Tar-jay but for some reason I didn’t.  Anywho, after college, I obviously couldn’t wear my favorite leggings to work but I wore them on the weekend and now, 4 years later, they are finally worn down to the bare threads and completely stretched out in the butt, haaa.  Before I go on, first I have to let you know that I actually never wear leggings.  I actually really don’t like my legs, which is way after I discovered these little black miracles, I wore them all the damn time.  Naturally I panicked that I wouldn’t be able to find an exact match, but thanks to the lovely buyers at Target, I was proven wrong.  These are leggings FOR THE PEOPLE.  I’d like to personally applaud Champion for making such a fabulous product.