Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Shimmer Dust

So I recently attended the LA launch party for Tarina Tarantino Beauty.  One of the great things about LA is that, like New York, there is always a party so when I got the invite and saw one, that it was a beauty launch, and two, it was for Tarina Tarantino, I was instantly excited.  The party was awesome- it was in a huge space in Hollywood and I spotted the likes of Meredith from The Office and Chet Cannon from The Real World Brooklyn– who I found surprisingly attractive.  Anywho, my favorite item of the night?  Sparklicity Shimmer Dust.  Unlike traditional shimmers, this mist-on version contains no binders, so all you get is a subtle dusting of pure glitter from head-to-toe.  Love it.