Drink a little too much in LA?

So as you know, I’m totally loving the LA life.  However, one downfall is definitely the driving situation when going out.  It’s been annoying to have to plan ahead who is going to be the sober driver and if I’m driving, I have to stop at two drinks…which for me is pretty difficult, hehe.  Anyhow, I came across this amazing (and genius) new company called Y Drive LA.  It’s truly brilliant.  For only $39 a driver will come and get you, drive YOUR car home and then ride away in his/her own scooter type deal (which funny enough, fits into your trunk.  As much as I wouldn’t want to be the poor driver, I feel a sigh of relief knowing that if I DO get a little too tipsy, I can always get a ride home (and my car home safe) for less than $40.  Safe and awesome.