Gift Guide: What to get your 3 year old nephew

Today is my nephew Mark’s 3rd birthday.  I can’t imagine anything else bringing so much joy to my life; he is truly the best thing my sister has ever given me and, being that he’s the only little one in my life, I am constantly one-upping my sister and parents when it comes to giving him gifts.  Here’s what I went for this year, which, is especially awesome since he’s finally at an age where he really understands and appreciates his gifts.

Next up: a real life meet and greet with iCarly.  I’m not kidding…how LA am I right now?

Kiwi Crate: My friend Devon told me about this awesome company.  They create fun craft projects for kids and then mail them directly to each child.  My Markie loves getting mail AND loves art projects so I signed him up for a 3 month membership.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Sugar Free Candy Mix: What kid doesn’t love candy?  I decided to do my sister a favor and get the sugar-free version as to not send him off into a sugar high rage.

The Children’s Place Skull Socks: There are no words for how cute these are. Win.

The Children’s Place Canvas Fedora: My nephew is quite fashionable and so I know that he’ll love this canvas fedora, especially when it gets hot and the New York summer sun comes out.

Why I’m Obsessed with Kid Clothes (and a $25 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Maybe it’s my “maternal clock ticking” or whatever you want to call it, but I can’t help but go totally crazy googly-eyed over adorbale children’s clothing lately.  I think my two year old nephew, Mark, plays a big part in this – I seriously die every time he puts on an outfit that I buy him…he’s tre chic.  Anyway, right now I’m obsessed with shopping at The Children’s Place for him, and specifically I bought every item in the outfit above.  Yes, it’s true…Mark is the best dressed two year old in New York, people.

The infamous (and soon the be launched) Missoni for Target collection will also have baby and kid clothes (featured above as well, on the right), though not sure if they have anything for boys…but the girl clothes are a-dorbable.

Giveaway!  The nice people at The Children’s Place are offering a $25 gift card to one of my lucky readers!!!  To win, just comment on this post and I’ll choose one winner at random on September 8th at 5pm PST.  Good luck!

What to do when your nephew loves sharks

So it’s not easy living 3,000 mies away from your adorable 2-year-old nephew who is growing bigger (and cuter) by the minute.  When I was back in New York for Christmas I brought Mark this crazy cute shark bath robe (below) and he immediately started screaming “On! On!  Put it on!” and then proceeded to run around the house going “grrrrrrrrrr, I’m a shark!” to everyone who crossed his path.  It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen so when I had the chance to shop at The Children’s Place again, I snapped up the chance and, luckily, they had even BETTER shark gear this time around.

These shark swim trunks were a surprising favorite for little Mark.  He saw them and had a similar reaction to the bath robe back in December.  He wore them all day and, mind you, it’s still freezing in New York.  He begged to go swimming and settled for swimming in the bath tub before bed time.

And as for my personal favorite, that would be the shark hooded towel.  I mean, seriously.  I can’t wait to see Mark running around the pool and the beach with this awesome outdoor version of the bath robe below.  He can even put his hands in the little grey fins so it’s almost a cape.  I’m dying…and who would’ve thought the day would come when I would be excited to see children’s clothes? Ha.

Holiday Gift Idea: for the nephew

So I have to tell you- I have FOND childhood memories of The Children’s Place.  I don’t know why on earth I actually remember shopping there, but I do.  My mom used to take me to the kids only store for all my new clothes and I remember they had these awesome circular things that you could climb in and out of and, of course, I spent all my time there climbing in and out while my mom picked out things and showed them to me.  “Jamie, do you like this?”  I look.  “No!” I scream and go back to playing in the circles.  Ah yes, I was a difficult child when it came to my attire.  In fact, I only wore the color green (or greenish/blue) until I was about 4 years old, no joke.

Anywho, when I was offered the chance to attend a The Children’s Place shopping event at their The Grove Farmer’s Market store, I jumped at the chance.  My little nephew Mark will be two years old at the end of January and now I’m totally the cool Aunt who bought him tons of trendy new clothes.  I think what surprised me the most is how trendy the children’s stuff really is…I mean I picked out things for Mark that I’d love to see an adult guy wear- distressed denim jeans, toggle coats, graphic tees- amazing.  I simply can not wait to give him all the new stuff I picked out for him- Best. Aunt. Ever.