Hair extensions UPDATE!

So back in early January I got my very first set of hair extensions; it’s been about three months now and I’m still totally obsessed!  As far as maintenence and care, I’ve been following all of the rules that the staff at The Doves Studio told me (e.g make sure they’re not sticking together, don’t use too much product, etc.) and I’m really happy that I went with Hair Dreams since there were so many hair extension brand choices and it was hard to decide.  This is high-quality hair people, no one can ever tell I have extensions in!

I did experience about 10 pieces falling out after a month and so I called The Doves and asked if this was normal (it is not).  Turns out pieces do sometimes fall out but since so many had fallen out in such a short amount of time, they wanted me to come in and check them out.  In about an hour The Doves staff replaced the missing pieces and we realized that the hair they were attached to was probably too fine to hold the bond and since I got “touched up,” only one or two pieces have fallen out since!  Success.  I’m going to be majorly bummed when I have to get them taken out in a month or so.  Stay tuned for one more update!