Hair Extensions Update: The Finale

Nadine, Jamie C., Sydne, me at a friend’s surprise birthday BBQ

It was time. I laughed, I cried, I get my Hair Dreams hair extensions taken out.  You might remember my last update back in March, where I got “touched up” a bit and was told that I could keep my extensions in for another two(ish) months…I was elated.  Well it came to a point where they were way grown out and sadly, it was that time.  I never thought that I would’ve grown so attached to someone else’s hair but ladies, I did.  I can’t reccomend them enough and a big part of that was also my experience at The Doves Studio, who was amazing at matching the exact shade of blonde that I wanted, helping me with my questions and just having overall amazing customer service.  (Make sure to ask for Chris Rosario!)

But I digress, it was time for them to come out and yeah, I was definitely nervous about how my natural hair was gonna look after five months of having the extensions in.  The result?  Well it was certainly a shock to see how my natural hair didn’t look or feel the way it had with the extensions IN…but overall, my natural hair stayed extremely healthy with almost no breakage!  I immediately needed my highlights touched up and The Doves Studio was nice enough to give me a slightly darker blonde shade for summer (in the above photo).  I thought it might be fun to go slightly darker during the summer months and my colorist actually lightened my entire base color before putting the highlights in, making maintenance a bit easier.  What do you guys think?

2011 True Life: I got hair extensions

So I’ve pretty much always been the queen of volumizing and thickening hair products which is why it was no surprise that I became very obsessed with the idea of trying out hair extensions.  However, I know most people get extensions for length…but I want them for VOLUME, sisters.  My hair, yeah…it grows super fast and really I can grow it out as long as I want to, but what do I dream of?  Soft, thick, glossy locks that I can whip around a la Willow Smith (yes, I openly admit that I want to whip my hair back and forth).

Enter Hairdreams Hair Extensions.  After vigourous research (aka reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos), I decided that Hairdreams would be a great brand to go with and that I wanted bonded extensions, which are meant to last about 4-6 months. The way my hair grows, I’m betting they’ll last me closer to 4 months but I’m certainly excited to find out!  Hairdreams sent me to The Doves Studio in Santa Monica where Chris, their resient extensions expert, hooked me up with some hair in two different shades of blonde, for that icy blonde highlights look that I covet.

photo: me (with new extensions on New Years Eve)

It’s been five days so far and the results are fantasticly amazing.  I nearly cried when I put my hair up into a high bun and (gasp) I actually had a BUN to speak of.  My other favorite thing so far is that I’ve literally only washed my hair ONCE since getting the extensions put in, which, if I can keep that up, will drastically improve the health of my actual hair.  Stay tuned for more updates on 2011 True Life: I got hair extensions.


Getting started at The Doves Studio in Santa Monica