Three Questions With Alyson Hannigan

I recently attended an intimate breakfast with Alyson Hannigan for the iconic haircare brand, Head & Shoulders.  The brand recently launched a great initiative called The Good Girlfriend Guide where Alyson and some of my girls (Aly and Amber!) give tips on how to be the best friend you can be to all of your girls.  I admit, I was kind of geeking out to meet Alyson since I’m such a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Don’t hate!  Buffy was the original vampire show…deal with it.  Here’s some insight from my lunch with Alyson, most of which involve vampires.

Q: What made you decide to partner with Head & Shoulders on The Good Girlfriend Guide?

A: This is what I needed in high school.  My girlfriends and I were lost since we didn’t have older sisters or anything.

Q: Do you get annoyed when you watch other vampire shows like Twilight and Vampire Diaries?

A: Ooooh yes.  On my show, vampires didn’t sparkle.  I have to tell you, I have this thing where I don’t invite people into my house…I just wait for them to enter to see if they can come in!  I guess that’s what happens after you work on a vampire show for almost a decade.

Q: Were you always a red head? (after discussing her ginger baby daughter)

A: No!  Joss (Whedon) had us all over to his house and Charisma, Sarah and I all had brown hair at the time.  Joss seemed a little confused and told us that all of our hair is kind of the same shade.  He asked “does anyone want to be red?” I was like “sure! I’ll do it!”  Sarah got more and more blonde but I stuck to the red.