The Private Room Beverly Hills


I’m constantly trying new colorists but it’s very rare that I find one that honestly impresses me.  I had a full head of highlights done at The Private Room a few weeks ago and guys, I was truly impressed.  Tina, the founder, gave me the straight talk that yes, she would give me the icy blonde shade that I wanted but only if I promised to lay off the flat iron.  I mean, I get it, but it’s HARD.  If I was able to get my hair blown out every day, no problem, but I can’t. I have to blow dry my own hair and yeah…I’m not very good at it.  SO the flat iron helps out.

I decided to give it up, in exchange for the icy blonde shade that I covet…and so far, so good.  Tina is a straight shooter, which I love, and she could even tell that I take iron supplements just by the way my color processed.  SO crazy.  I am totally going back.

photo: Salvador, me, Jen at Melissa Magsaysay’s book launch party