Refine Mixers Pre-Grammy Event at BLO Bar (hosted by me!)

It isn’t every day that I’m asked to host an event that’s honestly such a perfect fit for me.  When I was approached by Refine Mixers, I was flattered and excited because really, what do I love more than a low-calorie cocktail and getting my hair done.  Refine is now partners with BLO blow dry bar as their official cocktail mixer and guys, this stuff is awesome.  The cocktail mixer is all-natural, sugar-free and has ZERO calories – basically, you can make yourself a margarita for less than 100 calories…and that’s just from the tequila.

Aside from Refine’s two drink choices of the night, Red Carpet Margarita (see below for the recipe!) and Champagne Cos-Blo, attendees had the chance to get their hair blown out in true red carpet fashion.

To see more photos from the event, check out Guest of a Guest.