Living Proof Full Thickening Cream

So I often rave about the Living Proof line so when they launched a product specifically designed to thicken hair, I knew it was no joke.  I’ve used hundreds of “thickening” products and I’d say about 80% of them don’t work OR cause such a mess that it’s not even worth using.  Living Proof Full Thickening Cream is the real deal.  In true form, I decided to try this with out reading the directions first so yeah, I loaded on a bit too much to my root area.  Honestly, I need this product more by my roots than at my ends but I’ll have to use less next time, which they say is normal because you have to “play” with the produt to figure out exactly how much is right for you.  Anyway, they have a great how-to video that I highly suggest watching to avoid my own mistake.  And, as a bonus, my hair was also less frizzy than usual!  Seriously, what can’t this company do?