Secret Beauty Ingredient: Caviar

Caviar used to totally gross me out.  I really wanted to like it cause, you know, it’s all super fancy and stuff but up until around college, you couldn’t have paid me to try it.  Enter my cousin, Nikki.  Nicole “Nikki” (aka “the manipulator” – seriously, it was her screen name during the AIM days) has a way of spinning straw into gold (I always told her that she should work in PR!).  Nikki and I were sushi-ing at an amazing Japanese restaurant in Long Island when she ordered a roll that I had never tried or heard of.  “What’s that orange stuff?” I asked.  “Oh, that’s just Tobiko, don’t worry…it doesn’t taste like anything,” Nikki quipped back.

Well, I guess you can’t really call my cousin a liar, right?  Ugh, I’m still annoyed by this story…but I digress.  Caviar, as weird as it may look, is really amazing for your skin – the protein-rich extracts nourish and energize skin and hair, resulting in refined texture and silky smoothness.  Even though I’m still hesitant to eat it, I do try it once in awhile, in addition to using my favorite caviar-enhanced products. And, for the record, Nikki paid for the trick sushi.

Pevonia Timeless Eye Contour: I’m always skeptical of eye creams but I actually really love the way this contour cream feels.  Specifically formulated to smooth wrinkles, ease puffiness and dark circles, you can totally feel the moisturizing agents (and caviar) as it soaks into your skin.

ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging Blonde Shampoo: I blogged about this shampoo a few weeks ago and I’m still totally in love with it.  It’s pretty much the perfect shampoo for my hair since it neutralizes brassiness for blondes and also incorporates ALTERNA’s Age-Control complex, which includes caviar extract and vitamin C to help promote stronger, healthier hair.

Thierry Mugler Womanity perfume: For one, the bottle is totally rad (yes, I say rad now) and second, I love the note combo of sweet, milky fig and the savory, salty notes of caviar.

La Prairie Skin Caviar: Let’s just start with the fact that it actually LOOKS like caviar in a jar.  Sure, it’s definitely pricey at $175 but so is the real deal caviar, right?  The “caviar pearls” release a highly concentrated burst of caviar-derived sea energy the moment it hits your skin. The ingredients are formulated to help restore a youthful radiance and also help to smooth and firm facial contours.


Thierry Mugler Womanity

So I’m definitely not perfume-obsessed but when I received samples of Thierry Mugler’s newest launch, Womanity, I have to say…I’m kind of obsessed.  I’ve said time and time again how I’m a big sucker for pretty packaging and Womanity is a sick mix of feminine sexuality, plus a little hard metal, for good measure.  My faves are the Shower Gel and the Eau de Parfum Refill Bottle, perfect for traveling.  The fragrance is beautiful an intoxicating – notes of fig, caviar and wood leaf.

The collection is available this August at ThierryMugler.com and also check out Womanity.com, the company’s manifesto, signed my Thierry Mugler, inviting women to discover and contribute via an interactive platform.