TouchBack, To Cover My Grey “Patch”

You know what sucks about the quarter life crisis?  The part where you realize that you’re getting older.  Yup.  The first thing I’ve really noticed (besides the fact that it’s now harder to lose weight) is this tiny patch of grey hair right above my forehead.  Fun times, no?  I was recently at a family function and my cousins and I were all talking about how we all apparently HAVE this weird grey patch (those of us in our late 20s, at least).  How weird is that?  Well, I filled them in on my little trick: the TouchBack.  It’s so simple yet so genius.  Basically, as someone who frequently highlights her hair blonde, I’ve noticed that the greys have this annoying tendency to grow in faster and thicker than my brown roots, making it nearly impossible to keep up with.  I used to pluck them (shhh, don’t tell anyone that) but after trying the TouchBack, I no longer have to risk the old wives’ tale about the hair growing back two fold.

The TouchBack isn’t permanant but instead is really just color that lasts until the next time that you wash your hair…but ladies, it really blends perfectly (I use “Golden Blonde”) and covers my weird grey patch better than anything else that I’ve tried.  I’ve converted quite a few people dealing with “the patch,” as I like to call it.

TouchBack gray hair marker

So I’m not very happy admitting this but I have some gray hair.  I’ve been randomly finding them since I was in middle school but now they’ve deciced to clump together a bit on one side of my hairline.  It’s fun.  Even though everyone tells me that it’s not noticable (thanks to my light blonde hair color), I ALWAYS notice it and it drives me nutso AND the grays tend to grow in a bit thicker so they stick out even more!  UGH.  Anyway, I was lucky enough to try out the TouchBack marker specifically designed for gray hairs.  I tried out the lightest blonde shade that they offer, Golden Blonde, and even though it was a bit darker than expected, it definitely did the job.  Every morning for a week I washed and blow dryed my hair as usual and then applied the TouchBack using the little comb that combs with it – which prevents the dye from getting on your scalp and helps separate the hair so that you can see all the grays that you want to cover.  I LOVE this and it’s really a great option for when you’re trying to stretch out the time in between root touch-ups.