Vajazzling 2.0: Vatooing

So you saw my post on Vajazzling but let’s take it up a notch and talk about the latest craze, Vatooing.  Yes, you read that correctly.  In this 2.0 version, instead of getting your crotch bedazzled, you’re getting a faux tattoo.  BUT the best part is that’s is a two-for-one type deal cause for the $115 Vatooing price, you also get a full bikini wax from the experts at Completely Bare.  What’s next?


UPDATE: They just uploaded a video and it’s a-mazing.  Check it out HERE.

Would you get Vajazzled?

So my friend Bryce’s vagina has been blowing up the internet and I had to share.  As an early start to Spa Week, Bryce headed over to Completely Bare in SoHo to try out their newest service – Vajazzling.  Yes, I said VAJAZZLING.  What is it exactly?  The bedazzling of the area which gets waxed when getting a bikini wax by adding crstals and beads to your nether regions.  According to the Completely Bare Web site, “Accessorizing your private parts is the hottest rage” and though I don’t think I’d ever get it done, I admire anyone who has the gusto to do it.  What do you think?  Are you going to vajazzle?