Obsessed: Victoria’s Secret Pink Boyfriend Pant

So I’m not a big fan of the boyfriend jeans but when it comes to the boyfriend sweatpants, I’m totally sold.  My suitemate senior year of college had like 50 pairs of sweatpants from Victoria’s Secret Pink, all of which were completely adorable and were the perfect dorm appropriate loungewear when paired with a cute tank top and flip flops.  I ended up buying two cropped pairs- one in turquoise blue and the other in a purplish/pink color.

Fast forward to five years later…both pairs pretty much destroyed, it was time for me to get a new pair.  The 2010 version come in different cuts, people.  I opted for the Boyfriend fit and I’m obsessed.  Why do guys get the good sweatpants?  They sit low on the hips and have big front pockets.  I got the green version…and, yeah I got the grey leopard print tank top too.  Love.

Gift Idea: Victoria’s Secret The Lacie Panties (for your cousin in college)

So I’ve been trying to think of a fun yet useful gift for my little (or I guess not so little) cousin who’s a sophomore in college.  Besides booze and condoms, I came up with the one thing I could never get enough of…underwear.  These Victoria’s Secret The Lacie panties are kiiiind of a knock off of Cosabella but hey, who has money in college anyway?  They’re super comfy and very sexy…the perfect equation for any college girl.  Get any three for $30 now.