Iceland volcano beauty

So one of my friends just sent me a facebook message saying that he’s “stuck” in London due to the volcano ash from Iceland.  I feel terribly for him, really, I do.  Oh to be “stuck” in London!  Le sigh.  Anywho, I was instantly reminded about two products that I love and, ironically, relate back to Iceland. Ha.

LUSH Volcano Foot Mask -The explosive concotion of cinnamon leaf oil, tomato, potato and papaya work their magic, leaving your feet in amazing, jet-set shape.  Plus, how fun is it to slop this stuff on?

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream– I’m funny, right?  “Pure Cloud”?  Get it?  All jokes aside, this light-as-air daily moisturizer cream helps provide hyper protection and healing relief for sensitive skin.  The cream is formulated to rescue skin from external aggressors like harsh weather and provide comfort after dermatological procedures and surgeries.