Missoni for Target (because everyone else is doing it!)

Missoni for Target, it’s the hot topic of the week!  I’ll admit, I’m always intrigued by the Target diffusion lines but necessarily always impressed (at least not since my navy Anna Sui for Target dress of 2009).  BUT, this new Missoni for Target line…yeah, it looks pretty impressive.  I’m hearing friends whisper about how they’re lining up at 6 am at the West Hollywood location…but me?  I don’t know if I have that kind of dedication.  If I did, here’s what I’d snag (available September 13):

I don’t even live on the west side (e.g the area of LA where people actually ride beach cruisers) but I still, obviously, want this.


Drybar West Hollywood Does It Again

Confession: if I could only have one beauty indulgence for the rest of my life, it would be blowouts. I wrote about LA’s Drybar back in April 2010 when the first store opened in Brentwood and crazy enough, my obsession proved to be quite popular. The downside? Brentwood. Anyone who lives in LA knows about how much the traffic totally blows and as a Hollywood resident, I nearly fainted when I found out that Drybar was opening a West Hollwood location!

Finally! The WeHo location is less than a mile from my apartment and get this- there’s a FREE PARKING LOT behind the salon. It’s the little things, ladies. I stopped by the WeHo location before my friend Justin’s surprise 30th birthday party a few weekends ago and got yet another amazing blowout. There’s something about Drybar that just makes me happy. The decor is absolute perfection, they always play some fantastic girly movie (past movies include Clueless, Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, etc.) and the stylists are super sweet and actually listen to what you what you’re saying which can sometimes be rare in stylists.

me, Bunny (who has more Twitter followers than I do), Sydne

Blowfish Malibu Spring/Summer Collection

In additon to never turning a party down at Soho House, I will also never reject any kind of pedicure.  I was invited to a fun night of pedis and sandals courtesy of Blowfish Malibu and so basically, I couldn’t ask for a better night.  I sat back, enjoyed some champagne and got a pedi with a gorgeous coral Essie color and chatted with my girl, Allison McNamara from FabSugar!

Of course, the perfect ending to any pedicure is…a new pair of shoes.  I left with the Makai sandals in grey, which I actually wore out of the nail salon and on to the Radio Shack party (where LMFAO performed) and they were chic yet still really comfortable.

Pictured above: my feet at Ibiza Nails West Hollywood

BECKLEY blogger styling competion!

Tonight was definitely a fun night.  I was invited by the super chic BECKLEY Boutique in West Hollywood to style a mannequin that will be displayed in their store for a few weeks(!) for customers to vote on their favorite look!

Naturally, I was elated and honored.  It was a tough decision but I ended up going with the look to the left – a Camilla and Marc bow and arrow dress topped with a brown studded suede jacket and gold chain link bib necklace (both not available online). This is a very “Jamie” outfit; you’ve got a cute dress (that shows the cleavage), studs and a statement necklace, all of which I totally love.

I have to admit, the other bloggers who are participating in the contest are definitely some tough competition so please vote for me, if you like my look 🙂

Make sure to “like” BECKLEY on Facebook, follow them on Twitter (and vote for me!)

Oral-B with Brooke Burke and Operation Smile breakfast

So I was recently invited to a breakfast hosted by Oral-B with Brooke Burke and Operation Smile at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood.  I’ll put this out there, I’m so not a breakfast person…which is really just because I’m so not a morning person BUT when I was offered the chance to do a quick solo interview with Brooke and get a delish breakfast at Cecconi’s, I just couldn’t say no.

Oral-B teamed up with Brooke Burke and Operation Smile to announce that they would be donating $25,000 to Operation Smile, which is a worldwide children’s charity that provides free surgeries for children with cleft lips and cleft palates.  Now not only is this an amazingly generous donation, but Oral-B is also providing a pretty hefty rebate to customers who buy their electric toothbrushes in honor of this new movement.

I was also really interested to learn a litttle more about dental health as well.  I’ve been using the Oral-B ProfessionaCare 3000 that was in the event gift bag and I’ll be honest- I LOVE it.  My dentist told me just last month that I should consider using an electric toothbrush (and not the kind I had been using that takes 1 AA battery and costs like $10 at the drugstore).  I kind of scoffed…mainly because I’m lazy and then took this invite as a sign that the teeth gods want me to have less plaque in my life.

According to Oral-B, the rechargeable oscillating rotating toothbrush can help remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush and also gets in deep between the teeth and along the gum line for a thorough clean, which helps prevent gingivitis.  Gross.  The brush I’ve been using retails for $99.99 but after the mail-in rebate, it’s really only $49.99.  Not a bad price for clean teeth, my friends.

Stay tuned for my “Three Questions With” Brooke Burke interview this week…


Highlights with Rita Hazan

So I was recently given an awesome opportunity to try out one of the country’s most sought-after colorist, Ms. Rita Hazan.  Rita is known for setting beauty trends and reinventing the locks of some of your favorite celebs so needless to say, I was elated when I found out Rita was available to see me during her monthly trip out to the West coast.

I headed over to the Andy Lecompte salon in West Hollywood on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon.  I was a little nervous, considering I was about to meet such an epic colorist but I managed to pull it together and have a really amazing hair transforming experience.  Rita spent a few minutes talking to me about my hair and then decided that she wanted to lighten my base before applying my blonde highlights.  Who am I to argue with the master?  The result?  Though the shade isn’t as blonde as I normally like it, I do really love the beautiful hue.  It’s a golden blonde that looks really natural and is blended to perfection.

Bonus- Cacee Cobb, aka Jessica Simpson’s BFF, walked into the salon to chat with Rita and the staff and I got to hear tales from her travels while filming The Price of Beauty.  Love it.  This photo was taken the day after visiting Rita:

(a little blurry but) me, Nadine Jolie and Abby Gardner at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood