G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover

I recently received a pitch email on this really interesting product, G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover.  I have to say, I never even thought about the idea of organic nailpolish remover…pretty cool.  What I really love about this is that it’s not only better for YOU, but also better for the environment.  Think about all those used napkins and tissues we throw out with the regular non-organic remover on it!  Gross.  G2 Organics is non-toxic, odorless, gentle and effective plus, as a bonus, you can get a version that contains Reiki-charged crystals, a genuine quartz crystal known to help your overall well-being.  A little extra help can’t hurt, right?  Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Sounds good to me…and a little extra FYI, the two creators, Cherie and Marie, are from Westchester County, NY (where I grew up) so I had to show a little extra love. =)