Nailpolish trend update

So there’s lots of exciting nail news as of late- for one, I’m sure you’re all aware of our Gwen Stefani obsession here at QueenoftheQuarterLifeCrisis, so when Gwen’s models showed up wearing white nailpolish we totally freaked out.  Love it.  The models doned Dashing Diva’s “Fleet Week.” Hmmmm, kind of similar to my first nailpolish obsession EVER.

Second, when I saw CHANEL’s newest cult craze, Jade, a minty green color, I was reminded again of my childhood years…I was OBSESSED with the color green and I used to buy every shade of green nailpolish I could find at the supermarket.  Wet ‘n Wild used to make some sicko green shades that I adored.  Memories…