WTF Fridays: Jeremy Piven

So, I’ve been looking forward to seeing “Speed the Plow” for oh, about 2 months now. And, of course, I had tickets for last night but noooo, Jeremy Piven had to go and get “mercury poisoning” on me. WHAT is WITH all of these celebrities and their fake illnesses? Lindsay Lohan and her “exhaustion”…OK. I’m telling you, it brings me back to my days of faking sick in middle school. “mom, my stomach hurts.” “Ok, go home.” Why Ari Gold, why? And did you really think mercury poisening was the way to go? I prefer the old “my nose is bleeding” or “my stomach hurts, I must have an ulcer” excuse.

WTF Fridays: Bumble & Bumble Bandball

So, ok…Jolie Nadine seriously must’ve read my mind because I was planning on writing about this for the new “WTF (what the fuck) Friday” that I plan on doing. I’m both shocked and appalled that Bumble & Bumble dared to produce such a waste in this economy..let alone the countless mags and Web sites that featured this. I mean…what Nadine says is completely true…you can make your own with hair bands from drugstore brands. ACTUALLY, hey…great gift idea, LOL. Only, even if I gave someone the Bumble & Bumble Bandball ($20, REALLY) I’d still feel really bootleg for gifting someone a ball of rubber bands. Jeeez.