Xen-Tan now sold at Kitson!

So I’m a big fan of the Xen-Tan line and I’ve been using their self-tanning products for quite awhile.  In fact, I have their Face Tanner Luxe and Deep Bronze Luxe to credit for my healthy birthday party glow (see below).  And, as an LA resident, I was thrilled to hear that starting April 19th, Xen-Tan will be sold in four Kitson locations!  The stores will be carrying their hero products – Transform Luxe, Face Tanner Luxe, Deep Bronze Luxe, Dark Lotion Luxe and Velvet Glove.  LA residents, you should run and grab these before they sell out.

(me and my Xen-Tan birthday glow)

Red Alert: Xen-Tan discount

So I’m very skeptical of most self tanners and for good reason. I’m very fair and also, very lazy so when put in a position where I have to carefully apply something the results are usually less than stellar. However, I recently tried out Xen-Tan and I’m completely obsessed. I love that it’s tinted so that you can SEE where you’re applying (and already applied) the lotion. This factor is key for the lazy alike.

On top of the fab product line, Xen-Tan recently launched a new Web site. The new site has a great chart to help make choosing products very simple for both wholesale and retail customers. Along with the chic new look, the Web site also has a complete ingredient list and information on health/sun and fabulous self-tanning tips from creator Dera Enochson!

Get 15% off with a coupon code VACATION09 for orders before August 30, 2009!