Summer To Do


You may have noticed my abundance of summer-inspired posts lately…well, I can’t help it.  Summer is a time for relaxation, hope and, most of all, FUN.  Here’s my list of to do’s:

  • Go to happy hours in Century City and Downtown LA: two places I hardly ever go!
  • Go to The Magic Castle: my friend Molly took a bunch of us there last week and this place is a-mazing.  It’s old Hollywood glamour meets sci fi fantasy fun.  Plus, it’s super close to my apartment.
  • Go to the Yamashiro Farmer’s Market: At least once a month!
  • Hike Runyon: it’s across the street.  Enough said.
  • Take ballet classes: I miss ballet in my life and I need to stop being scared of looking stupid in front of the “professional” dancers.
  • Go back to Catalina Island with my friends!
  • Take tennis lessons: almost all of my friends play tennis…it’s one of those sports I’ve always wanted to learn but never did.  It’s time.
  • Remember to go to the beach (Malibu and the South Bay–the strand is AMAZING)
  • Remember to use my roof: the pool, the jacuzzi, have guests over, swim laps, etc.