Post-workout bliss

post workout blissIt’s that time of year. Daylight savings time has given us an extra hour of sunlight each day, bikinis are popping up in stores, and bare legs and shoulders are coming soon, if not already out in the world. My daily workout definitely tends to shift towards a gentle hibernation period in the winter, so the springtime leads me back to the gym and my yoga mat, where I combat sore muscles once I’m back on a more regular schedule. I’m sharing my arsenal of three of my favorite post-workout recovery tricks with you!  I hope they’ll help ease your muscles to make your spring amp-up easier on your body, and easier to maintain throughout ALL four seasons.

ArnicaArnica is a plant in the sunflower family that’s used in homeopathic medicine as a pain reliever for muscle aches and stiffness. Apply a few times a day for best results, and feel your tough workout woes fade in record time. I usually buy it in gel form, although you can get it in cream and ointment form as well.  Bonus: The topical treatment also helps bruises disappear way faster than they would normally.