A Galentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Party


I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day (case and point here, here, here and here), but when Annette, Rachael and I decided to throw a little GALentine’s party, I couldn’t say no.  In true Jamie form, I’m clearly telling an inappropriate story in the above photo, but I had to share this pic because I LOVE our real smiles/laughs.  Isn’t that was a GALentine’s party is all about?  Body part stories aside, we did manage to get some great photos, so let us know what you think in the comments below…and have a happy Valentine’s Day.


Pouring the bubbly. We used Sophia Coppola’s super girly Blanc de Blanc


Of course, I made sure we were all properly red-lipped


Pink donuts of all sizes to bite on


QKEMYgl5vjQxa94FjO5rU1kvXSNbHXvf8MCdLn0aLAUWe all loved Rachael’s gorgeous gold-rimmed champagne coupes. Can you even?

IMG_0987And now, we get to making our DIY Valentine’s Day cards…

IMG_0961Crafting with champagne = the only way

tW06YXMddu0k1qq4-lKT9WW48mqaPkZtMIkWKs7rKdAMy masterpieces

_kRVrWG-NF2IssGh20VwuPn2XskQsH-CtG80rozh7GIHappy Valentine’s Day!


Jamie, Annette and Rachael

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Weekend To-Do

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