A letter to my 18-year-old college student self


me and my friend Allison, circa 2001

me and my friend Allison, circa 2001

It was 12 years ago TODAY that I started my freshman year of college at Hofstra University…god, how time flies.  I’ve blogged before about how much I loved my college experience (ironically, in a post from exactly one year ago today), but I decided a few weeks ago that I’m going to dedicate this ENTIRE WEEK to back-to-school, all with a college spin.  Make sure to check back every day for a new college-themed post but, in the mean time, enjoy these throwback college-themed posts AND the below letter to my 18-year-old college self.


Dear 18-year-old Jamie,

Looking back, I just smile ear to ear when I think about how excited you were to start college.  I want you to grow as a person, experience new and exciting things, have fun and, of course, continue to learn and get a good education.  I’m so proud of the 18-year-old that you are; you’re kind, compassionate and have an openness that I wish I could once again have at 30.  Always stay true to yourself and value your innocence– it makes you unique, not weak.  Most of all, enjoy the next four years because honestly, they are some of the best times you will ever have.  LIVE in the present, don’t take anything TOO seriously, and remember this:

You can’t control anyone else; you can only control your reaction to other people.

Lastly, while I have you, please (PLEASE) always wear flip flops when you walk into the Estabrook 12th floor bathroom.  You were usually so good about this but that one time…planter’s warts are no fun.  Oh, and enjoy those 4am trips to SBARRO’s for baked zitti, because those will come to a prompt halt post-college.


30-year-old Jamie




Sponsored Post: Back-To-School With American Eagle

american eagle

Growing up, back-to-school season was always my favorite.  There’s something incredibly exciting and rejuvenating about the fact that you get to have a fresh start at school; It’s a NEW year, which means a new YOU, at least when it comes to fashion.  Granted, I’ve been out of school for a while, which I’m still sad about, but I tried to channel my high school-self for a little inspiration.  I always tried to look modern, fun and put together, but not like I was trying too hard.  Here are my picks, all from American Eagle (hi, affordable and easy!), where I went crazy over all the denim and back-to-school basics.

American Eagle Baseball T-Shirt: I love this modern take on a baseball t-shirt.  The fabric is slightly see-through (but still appropriate) and the cap sleeves are a really pretty navy for a little pop of color.

American Eagle Skinny Crop Jean: I was immediately drawn to these jeans since they’re the perfect shade of denim for me.  I like a darker blue, but not too dark, and I love the strategically placed rips that are also still totally school-appropriate.

American Eagle AEO Studded Bangle Set: I’m wearing two sets of these bangles that combine gold and silver and give the outfit just a little hint of shine.

Sole Society Martine Flat: I wanted to add a little texture to this outfit and I love the way the snake print compliments the jeans and adds a little bit of sophistication to the baseball tee.