Smart Fashion

Smart fashion

Here’s the thing. I’ve been picky about my clothing for a LONG TIME.  Ask my mom, she’ll tell you how I would wake up, as a 4-year-old kid and politely tell my mom that no, in fact I was not going to wear the outfit that she picked out for me.  True story.  So yeah, when I find things that are truly, honestly innovative and amazing, I get pretttty excited about it.  Case and point, these three items:

InStyle Essentials Classic Button-Front Shirt: Essentially, this is a button down shirt that uses your bra size to ensure a perfect fit.  So basically, I would normally buy a medium and then be annoyed when the button in the middle of my boobs opens up CONSTANTLY.  Again, true story.  In this case, I ordered a 36C, which allowed for the PERFECT fit; It didn’t open up in the bust AND it wasn’t gigantic around my waist.  How did no one think of this before?

LOFT “Marisa” Ankle Pant: When I say that I HATE shopping for pants, that’s pretty much an understatement.  When I found out about LOFT’s Pant Revolution I got honestly, truly excited…and let me tell you why.  They surveyed 10,000 women, with 400 pairs of pants from LOFT competitors.  Survey says: 47% of women find shopping for pants frustrating (DUH), which is why they devised 45 options, pants options, that is, in different fits, lengths, fabrics, styles, prints and colors.  Now, I’m a “Marisa” and I, in fact, looked terrible in the Julie, which convinced me that their system really does work.  Use THIS quiz to figure out what style is right for you and get yo’ self some new pants now.

Bandolier Phone Holder: This genius iPhone holder would’ve saved my life in my former PR years.  I love that it not only holds your phone where you still have access to the screen, but it also has little slots for business cards/ids/credit cards.  It’s basically everything you need, in one cute patterned holder.