90s Icons

90s icon birthday 3


When I started thinking about my birthday this year, I originally didn’t want to do anything.  I mean, last year I turned 30 which is really the last epic birthday that I ever imagined for myself, as weird as that sounds; but I know myself well enough to know that I would definitely be sad if I didn’t celebrate in some way.  And then, in true form, my “simple” and “small” party turned into a theme party, at Riviera 31, with about 35 people…I’m a simple woman, with simple needs (said no one about me EVER).  

I just CAN NOT do anything small, which is why I decided to dress up as one of my high school idols…CHER HOROWITZ from CLUELESS.  I found the perfect red dress, a white feather boa, and even found a 90s style flip phone (WITH AN ANTENNA) on Ebay for $8.  I also created 90s style photo props, like “The Rachel” below, so my friends and I could take photos with even more 90s nostalgia.

I should also mention that I created an excel doc with 20 examples (with links) of 90s icons that so that my friends would have NO excuse not to dress up.  Examples included “FRIENDS,” “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead,” “Clarissa Explains It All,” etc.  Yeah, I’m not type A at ALL.  Putting my crazy aside, I was SUPER impressed with what everyone came up with; in fact, people went beyond my list and really impressed me with their creativity.  We had a few Kelly Kapowskis, a few Courtney Loves, Blossom, TWO AL Borelands from “Home Improvement (I MEAN!)…my friends are amazing.  I had a ton of fun, but I think the best part of the party was that I actually got to witness how many amazing people I have in my life, who actually care about me enough to put on a ridiculous outfit and go to a fancy hotel on a Saturday night.  A big thank you to Riviera 31 at The Sofitel and, of course, my friends…who, like I said, laugh at me on a daily basis but also truly accept and love me for who I am, crazy theme party thrower and all.

Dress//Wells Grace Florentine Pleated Shift Dress

90s icon birthday 2“The Rachel” hair cut…so 90s.

90s icon birthday courtney loveThree Courtney Loves, which is clearly not enough for one party.

90s icon birthday party attireKurt Cobain, Cher from “Clueless,” Courtney Love, Frances Bean

My red dress

90s icon birthday 4Group shot…so 90s.

90s icon birthdayA happy candle moment.