A Few Favorites

a few favorites Jamie Stone

As a blogger I am lucky enough to test out tons of products but every once in awhile, I come across a few things that I absolutely ADORE.  Right now I’m loving these babies (and you probably will as well):


What to do when you stay in

a night in 1

Lately I haven’t been feeling very social, which sometimes DOES happen to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I probably still go out more than your average 30-year-old woman but I’ve noticed that there are definitely some nights (even weekends) when I’m just like “eh…I think I’ll stay in with a bottle of wine.”  And yes, I did say BOTTLE, instead of glass; this sometimes gets me into trouble.  And yeah, my friends make fun of me when I complain about a slight hangover and they ask “what did you do last night?” to which I reply, “nothing..I stayed in and drank by myself.”  WHATEVER, I say to their side eyed-glances.  I think that if, at 30, you can’t sit alone in your apartment and drink some wine, then you really have some issues.  It’s OK to be alone.  In fact, you should ENJOY it.  The old saying goes that you can’t expect anyone else to love you, if you can’t love yourself, right?  Well the best way to get to know “thyself” is to spend that quality time with…THYSELF.  Regardless, I recently came across this Refinery29 article about exactly what I’m talking about: what to do when you stay in, and it got me thinking…do I have regular habits when I stay home (aside from the wine, of course)?  Well here are my expert recommendations of what I think everyone should try.  What do you guys do when you stay in?

Chick Flick


Stretchy Pants

Reality TV

Gossip Mags

Decadent candle

Face Mask

My spring beauty must-haves!


Leah and Mary are two of my favorite people so, naturally, I was thrilled when they asked me to give their readers my top spring beauty must-haves.  Check out the full story HERE.

The Monday Rundown

the monday rundown

NIP + FAB Upper Arm Fix: My arms aren’t what I’d call a “problem area” for me but, you know, a girl can use a little help here and there.  I’m really liking the way this lotion makes my arms feel and look (I believe, at least) firmer.

Donut Pancakes: What’s NOT to like about these?  I’m not big into pancakes but when they look like faux donuts, they’re just plain FUN.

Diptyque “Jonquille” Candle: I’m pretty into the newest scent to the Diptyque family, daffodil.  It’s very spring.

Brevity Signature Necklaces: Nameplate necklaces are so 1998, which is why I’m kind of obsessing over these signature necklaces.  Would it be kind of weird to get your own signature?

The Best Hostess Gifts

the best hostess gifts

It’s kind of a weird feeling when you start to realize that a LOT of your friends are moving in with their significant others, getting engaged and buying houses, which is why I decided to stock up on a few items that everyone will love – here are my top five picks for the best hostess/host gifts.  These gifts are guaranteed to be loved by anyone, I promise.

1. Diptyque votive candle trio: As you already know, I’m obsessed with Diptyque candles and, in fact, I featured this trio in my holiday gift guide as well.  What I love about this trio, as opposed to buying just one candle, is that the hostess can then try three different scents and even burn them in three different rooms.  This is an AMAZING gift, guys.  (hint, hint).

2. Anthropologie DIY friendship bracelet kit: Obviously this gift is best for a woman but let me tell you, it’s a winner.  Even if your friend isn’t super into DIY, this kit is really easy and fun to use.

3. Fortune cookie box: I love this.  It’s chic and quirky and you can even add in your own fortune, custom for the hostess/host.

4. Black Hawaiian sea salt: Fancy salts are very grown up, that’s a fact.  My friend Jen bought me a little jar of black truffle salt for my 30th this year and it was honestly one of my favorite gifts.

5. Tokyo Milk octopus bubble bath: Clearly I always default to giving beauty products as gifts, duh, but when presenting for a hostess, presentation is key.  The octopus bubble bath packaging is not only amazing, but the design is chic and fun.