Sponsored: EXPRESS GLAM fragrance


When it comes to fragrance, I’m actually pretty particular.  I tend to stick to my classic favorites, but when a new product gets dropped off at my doorstep, I like to think that I give each perfume an equal opportunity to impress me, if you will.  Well, gotta say, I’m pretty into EXPRESS GLAM, the fragrance.  GLAM is EXPRESS’ second fragrance for women and is designed for the fashion-forward girl who’s sexy and stylish, but with downtown sensibility.  Hello, that pretty much describes me and all of my friends.  Now, as far as actual scent, GLAM boasts top notes of black currant and mandarin vodka (yum) with mid notes of sheer jasmine petals, lily of the valley and sandalwood flower.  Base notes include praline, creamy musk and white woods (one of my favorites).  I think I found my new favorite fragrance for fall or, “FFF,” as I like to call it.

This post is sponsored by EXPRESS but all opinions are my own, as per usual.