Holiday Moments


 The Virgin America terminal at LAX


The steps outside my sister’s house on Christmas Eve

dbdafa946da811e3a5dd1267b18550af_8My nephew, wearing his new Batman costume, his Christmas obsession


Spending quality time with my nephew…doing sand art

How to be the coolest aunt ever

how to be the coolest aunt ever

It’s no secret that I have an obsession with my 4-year-old nephew, Mark.  He’s adorable, he’s smart, he’s…related to me.  It’s pretty simple, really.  Not that I’m any kind of aunt-ing (yes, I made that up) expert or anything, but I’ve noticed there are really only four things that you need to be the best aunt ever.

1. An iPhone: There’s no better distraction than an iPhone and/or iPad.  My nephew discovered the Cake Doodle app on my iPhone and refused to give my phone back to me until the battery actually died.

2. Cute clothes for him/her: I’ve learned that the nephew has a thing for sharks (who doesn’t?) and the faux lifeguard t-shirt was just too cute to pass up.  Really, anything at The Children’s Place is great because the clothes are adorable and cheap.

3. Yes To BABY Carrots Face + Nose Wipes: These are positively genius.  After spending a week here in LA with the little booger machine, these are a LIFE SAVER.  As an aunt, I feel like I’m not really obligated to hold my nephew’s used tissues and these are 98% natural and even contain Vitamin E.

4. A Spiderman juice cup: Kids need their juice cups, that’s a fact.  Since Mark is obsessed with all things superhero, I knew that this Spiderman version would be a winner.  No complaints during juice time, that’s for sure.