WISHCLOUDS: When You Wish Upon A Cloud

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As you guys know, I’ve hosted quite a few brand events in my time as a blogger. I’m always super picky about the brands that I align myself with because, hello, it’s all about reputation.  When WISHCLOUDS approached me to host an influencer event, I checked out the site and KNEW I had a winner on my hands.  I’ve been “wishing” like crazy and what I love most about the site is that you get notifications (either push to your iPhone or emails) when your wishes go on SALE. I mean.  It’s a great excuse to wish for all of the things that you lust after and just cross your fingers that they go on sale.  You don’t have to keep checking back, WISHCLOUDS will let you know.

Check out all the event photos HERE.

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As I mentioned in a previous post my long-time friend, Kenna, did all the sweets and decor!

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Sole Society bags and accessories in the gifting room

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Lara Bar goodness

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Capwell + Co. jewels, all of which I’m obsessed.

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 All the goods (Sole Society, Felina, Capwell + Co., Lara Bars)