Volume Filler



For as much as I talk about my fine hair, you’re probably wondering if I ever come across new products to help boost volume…and the answer is yes. I’m always skeptical when I read about the “next big thing” in hair care, but L’OREAL always does a really good job, so I wasn’t that skeptical this time around.  The Advanced Haircare collection has a shampoo/conditioner set for pretty much every hair need, but when given the choice I immediately selected the new VOLUME FILLER Shampoo and Conditioner line because, well, I have fine, thin hair and that’s exactly what this set is for. So what makes this particular volume boosting shampoo and conditioner unique?  Here’s the science: Filloxane and Arginine-K Complex penetrate the hair fiber from root to core to tip for healthier looking hair.  The formula works to create texture from within to generate a thicker feel and infuses lasting volume over time.  The line has also been clinically tested and users say that your hair feels two times thicker after you use this product, and I definitely have to agree.  I mean…look at my photo below.


Real Talk: The Truth About Fine Hair


I’m constantly preaching about how much I love my hair extensions, but back in January I decided to go au naturale and let my real hair grow out for a bit.  Why? Why would I ever give up long, thick hair?  Well, for starters, after about eight months straight of having the best extensions ever (keratin-tip, I’m telling you), I started to get nervous about how short/damaged my real hair was underneath everything.  Luckily, the keratin-tip hair extension process is pretty gentle (as long as you take care of your extensions) so I really only had about an inch of split ends once they were out…and that’s basically like just not getting a hair cut for that long- no biggie.

Over the years I’ve MASTERED the art of my fine hair and how to beat what I annoyingly ended up with but, hey, I’ve got PLENTY of other amazing qualities, thankyouverymuch.  Here are a few of my trade secrets for fine hair…