Make Up For Ever HD Blush


Blush has never really been my thing, I can’t lie.  It’s not that I don’t like the idea of having some color on my cheeks, but basically because I have rosacea (e.g. rosy cheeks without blush), I’ve always just honestly been scared of the idea of adding a splash of pink to my already-red face…it’s a thing.  I was recently introduced to a new blush, an HD (high definition) Blush, if you will, and I gotta say…color me impressed.  At first I was intrigued by the idea that the blush is HD because, at least in my mind, anything HD is cool and hi-tech, but then I started getting tons and tons of compliments after the makeup artist put some on me which instantly had me SOLD.  So what’s the deal?  MAKE UP FOR EVER HD BLUSH is a cream blush (which can also be intimidating) and its formulated with a balance of oils, waxes, and powders that makes the blush really glide on your face easily.  What’s also cool is that it can be worn over or under makeup, meaning if you’re not wearing any foundation (lucky you), you can still wear the blush without looking like a clown.

And speaking of clowns, here’s the best and most universal way to apply blush:

  • Choose a full, rounded blush brush (like Make Up For Ever 158 Double Ended Sculpting Blush, featured in the photo above, which you can also use for contouring)
  • Apply the cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks in a figure “8” motion
  • Sweep from the top of the apple downwards, then up and back towards the top of the ear
  • Set the blush (especially if you feel like it’s REALLY bright) with a pressed powder (like Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder), which reduces shine, slightly mattifies the skin, and softens the appearance of fine lines and pores. By the way, this pressed powder is best applied with a Kabuki Brush.

And, if all that seems like way too much work for you (hey, I get it), you can always just apply cream blush with your fingertips…just don’t go nuts.


Make Up For Ever HD Blush 210 | Make Up For Ever HD Blush 410



Gea isn’t amused by cream blush

A Cat Holiday

Jamie Stone and Gea Ballerina

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I LOVE my two cats, Gemma and Gea.  Here’s the thing, cats sometimes get a bad wrap, which I strongly disagree, and that’s exactly why I’m really into the fact that Fancy Feast® is launching Feastivities.com.  I mean, it’s the ultimate gift destination for cat lovers with seven cat-inspired curated gifts…all of which I would be thrilled to receive, mind you.  Cats are definitely having a “moment” when it comes to fashion and I love each item featured in the gift guide, which includes fashion-forward cat items: cat jewelry by Salty Kisses Hawaii, Gingiber art print of a cute white cat, a Little Lark black cat tote, made by Cleo cat collar, Feline Intent cat teepee (this is awesome, btw), Rover cat bow tie and Silver Lotus cat jewelry.

The site is also offering a super cute ornament for a $2 donation while supplies last, and 100% of the donations will go directly to AdoptAPet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption charity that helps more than 13,000 shelter and rescue animals find homes. Bonus.

The holidays are all about treating your loved ones well, and that includes your cat(s) too.  I’m definitely putting some time aside for my girls, even if it’s something small like five minutes of toy chasing or an extra few minutes of a belly rub because, yes, my cats are weirdos and like their bellies rubbed.

P.S. Isn’t my Gea (aka Gigi Ballerina) the cutest?

This post was sponsored on behalf of Fancy Feast and Style Coalition, but all opinions are my own…as per usual.