Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

This recycled Tiffany bag DIY is so genius – TheBudgetBabe.com

I laughed out loud after spotting this guide to drugstore razors, mostly because I don’t even know what kind of razor I’m using right now and it’s about time someone reviewed all the options we have! – Byrdie.com

It’s kind of incredible that this teen girl started a petition for Disney to create a plus size Disney princess. Proof the world still has some hope – Shape.com

These Valentine’s Day manicures are fab and fun – glo.MSN.com

I don’t know how this photo surfaced but I’m sure glad it did.  A starstruck, young Gwen Stefani getting Sting’s autograph LAist.com

How CUTE is Jess’ Valentine’s Day outfit? I’m into it and she is brave to wear it in the Polar Vortex…fashion is pain – BowsandSequins.com

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy

I’ve been toying with the idea of a bar cart and this post has tons of good inspiration – Honestly Yum

Living in SoCal, I’ve been kinda missing the snow a bit (but certainly not the Polar Vortex). These snow sculptures are AMAZING – The Luxury Spot

Felicia brought this gem to my attention and it calls out all of the Insta bullshit that goes on via Instagram – The Bold Italic

Humble brag: my first piece for MSN’s glo site went live. Read it, love it – Glo

My makeup drawer(s) is getting extremely out of CONTROL and I love these helpful organization tipsMakeup.com

These gold-dipped playing cards are fabulous, and I want them – Anthropologie

Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

What will your 2014 mantra be? I’m still deciding on mine… – glo.MSN.com

Beauty bloggers (myself included) share our secret weapons! – BeautyHigh.com

I’m obsessing over this roundup of new and fun ways to leave cookies for Santa…the nephew will be excited – Brit.co

Makeup artist master, Amy Nadine, shows us how to even out almost any complexion. This is good stuff, guys – TheBeautyDepartment.com

R29 has almost convinced me to try out running again…almost – Refinery29.com

I really love Ashley’s patent leather skirt…it’s oddly familiar to me and I want it – TheStyleEditrix.com