Weekend To-Do

makeup brushes

 Clean your makeup brushes…you know you need to. (image via Made by Girl)

DIY wall clock

Try making a DIY wall clock (image via A Beautiful Mess)


Incorporate a horse into your weekend wardrobe (image via Kelly Go Lightly)

ice cream

It’s still REALLY hot out, so treat yourself to some old-fashioned ice cream (the kind that’s not sugar and fat-free) (image via Pinterest)

pink peonies

Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers, just because (image via Pinterest)


As an alternative to the traditional strapless bra, try this version from Le Mystere. It’s comfortable and effective (image via Bloomingdale’s)

Kentucky Derby Fashion

Kentucky Derby fashion


the hat | the ladylike dress | the wedge | the horse charm bracelet | the Mint Julep pimp cup

Bonus: a recipe for a delicious Mint Julep

Whether you’re going to the actual derby (yes, it’s in Kentucky) or just going to a derby party (like I am), here’s everything you need to look the part.  There’s nothing I love more than big hats and horses – case and point here, here and here – so I will be enjoying myself thoroughly tomorrow.