That time I hired an Assistant Editor and an Intern


Hannah and Charlie both love a good margarita

When I met Hannah I felt like I met my 22-year-old self all over again…only she was a much better interview. Fact.  I love her tenacity and enthusiasm and I can already tell that she “gets” what Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis is all about.  I’ll let her fill you in on the rest…


Hello there, cyber world!  Hannah here and I am beyond excited to join the Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis team.  I’m just your average, fun-loving, sweets-craving, endorphin-seeking, 22-year-old who wants to share her love for beauty, fashion, and LIFE with the world.  I was born and raised in LA and recently graduated from Duke University.  As I embark into the real world (yikes!), I’m exploring who I want to be, what I want to look like, and what Pinterest recipes will look best on my Instagram.  It ain’t easy navigating all that on top of trying to be a functioning woman of society–that’s why I love QueenoftheQuarterLifeCrisis.com.  Jamie gets that the most attractive thing about a girl is her confidence and shares her tips, tricks, and just the right amount of sass, to help you make that shine through.  I’m still building my “adult” identity, so cannot wait to learn all about the best products, trends, and treats to try and hope that I can bring my love of fitness and newbie status to the beauty world as a fresh perspective to the blog.  In the words of the ever-so-profound Black Eyed Peas, “Let’s get it started…”

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Jo made a the best first impression on me ever: she got to our interview before I did.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Jo just so happens to be from the city in Long Island where I was born. How crazy is that?! Aside from being a New Yorker, which obviously earned her bonus points, she’s a certified yoga teacher who used to work at a law firm and just recently moved to LA. Yoga + organization/time management skills = one really awesome intern.  Here’s her story…


I’m a certified yoga teacher and I love that my job helps people find happiness in their everyday lives. I’m passionate about health and wellness, fitness and food, and I love beauty and fashion; I think they’re tools that allow us a daily dose of creativity and self-expression. We get to shape our image and cultivate our experiences by the choices we make with our clothes, our purchases, and our time, but in my everyday life, I generally have no makeup on, and when you meet me, most likely I’ll be barefoot wearing leggings. So, I’m thrilled for the opportunity to soak up all the beauty and style tips I can from Jamie. I love her Tuesday Web Candy and Weekend To-Do series, and I’m definitely in need of all the beauty product recommendations I can get. I’d love to do a series on fitness and wellness, and get the opportunity to share some of my years of yoga experience and general wellness tips. I’m also excited to share my favorite healthy and delicious recipes, and my love for food on the blog. I have almost 10 recipe boards on my Pinterest and I’m trying to make, cook and bake my way through everything on there. See some of my results on my Instagram. I just recently relocated from NY to LA, so I’m still settling in, seeing the sites, and basically shifting perspective from a tourist to a local. I think fresh food tastes better, and have been impressed by how easy it is to get locally caught seafood, locally grown produce, local olive oil and, of course, the local wine(!) here in California. I think it’s really important to value and support local food production, and I volunteered with an organic farm when I lived in NY. I’d love to investigate the new-to-me local LA food systems and feature foods grown and products made in the area for the blog. I think it might be a great excuse for Jamie to throw those dinner parties she’s had on her resolution list! I’ll be moving into a new apartment soon, and then I’ll definitely be hosting some myself. I’m starting to plan my best-day-ever party since I’m recently engaged, and I’ll be sharing that on my new blog. Follow my thoughts on my new city, my life, and see what I’m reading now on my Twitter.

I also have a pretty decent green thumb, so I’m also hoping Jamie will let me help her get the plant life going on the balcony 🙂

Editor’s note: SHE WILL. How awesome is my new team?!

I’m looking for an intern!


Speaking of College Week, I’m in desperate need of an intern which, I’m not gonna lie is kind of a big deal for a control freak like myself.  In all seriousness, my interning days at CHANEL were amazing and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything 🙂

I need a social media intern, preferably located in Los Angeles or New York City. The position is unpaid, but can be credit-based.  The weekly time commitment is 7-10 hours, and the majority of work can be performed remotely.  You must have your own computer and form of transportation.

-Assist in the creation and implementation of digital marketing strategies and across Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms for my blog and clients
-Content creation and posting on social media channels

-Help grow audience for blog brand and social media clients
-Perform social media market research
-Assist with special projects, including events that I host, reporting, etc.

-Tech savvy
– Organized, has a strong attention to detail, and able to complete projects independently
-Eye for style and design
-Passionate and knowledgeable about beauty, fashion and lifestyle
-Good Writer
-Fast Learner
-Immersed in and well-versed in various social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
-SEO understanding is a plus

-Photoshop knowledge is a double plus

-Attendance at major beauty/fashion/red carpet events in LA and/or NYC

– Beauty and fashion swag

-Networking opportunities with major players in the industry
-Learn the ins and outs of the business of blogging and social media from someone with more than nine years experience


Email me with a cover letter and resume, if interested!

QueenoftheQuarterLifeCrisis@gmail.com with subject “INTERN”