A Life Update


After an impromptu happy hour at my friend Sal’s house last week, I realized that I haven’t been doing enough personal posts.  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t exactly ME who came to this realization but instead, it was Sal and Kristen doing a lot of “girl, you gots to write more personal stuff up on that blog!  That’s what people want to read!”  So yeah, I decided that I will dedicate one post per week to something a little more intimate than my beauty, lifestyle, shopping round ups, etc.  Not to say that even those posts don’t exude my snark and self-deprecation, because oooh they do, but I agree with Sal and Kristen that the quarter life crisis is more than just the fun stuff- it’s the real stuff…and it’s who I really am.

Last night I went to my friend Jamie C’s “marriage celebration” and it was just the most beautiful thing.  I’ve been having a weird time lately with the abomination otherwise known as “dating” and just seeing the love between Jamie and her new husband is completely and utterly inspiring; you can actually SEE how much they care about each other and that gives me hope and a mind refresher that I shouldn’t be settling for a guy who calls me a retard or doesn’t return my text messages (yes, at 30, I’m embarrassed to admit that the first part actually did happen recently).


Jamie C (in her gorgeous wedding gown) and me

Another exciting update (or maybe not so exciting, if you don’t get excited by furniture, like I now do): I finally decided to get a desk for my home “office.”  What’s great about this “desk” is that it can (and WILL) also double as a dinner table, something that I haven’t had for the past four years while living in Los Angeles.  Come to think of it, I actually didn’t have a table in ANY of my New York City apartments either, so I guess we could go as far as saying this is my first ever table purchase.  Gemma, of course, made herself right at home.  I’m not officially done styling my desk yet, but we’re off to a good start, no?

My new desk/table (with Gemma, obviously)

My new desk/table (with Gemma, obviously)