Obsessed: Dainty Gold Rings and a Skull Bracelet

dainty rings-skull bracelet

I’ve recently been on the hunt for some dainty gold rings when BOOM, my friends at JUSTFAB sent me their latest lookbook and I saw the TRES TRIO for, get this…$10.  I mean. I can’t.  Three super cute rings for $10…there are just no words and now I’m wondering why I was ever looking at similar versions that cost like $60-$100 EACH, right?

I’m also obsessing over the SKULL ABOUT bracelet, also for $10. I think I’m still in shock at how cool these pieces are at such an affordable price, so I just had to share.

On another note, I took this photo myself (!) and this is the first post of many to come (hopefully) where you can witness the photography skills of Jamie Stone…get excited.

A watch that I’m actually into

la mer black and white watch

Whenever some asks me why I don’t wear a watch, I reference this scene from Clueless:

Mel (Cher’s dad): Do you know what time it is?

Cher: A watch doesn’t really go with this outfit, daddy.

But, guys, I recently spotted this ridiculously cute watch from La Mer Collections, and I might be a convert.  It’s just annoying to me to have something on your wrist, unless it’s a cute bracelet, so the fact that this watch is pretty much disguised as a trendy wrap bracelet…well, I’m way into it.

Reader Question: Where can I find cheap statement necklaces?

cheap statement necklaces

Question: Hey Jamie,

I need help. I need retail therapy, but am not rich enough to buy as many new colorful things as will make me happy. I believe you will know the answers: where do I get inexpensive statement necklaces?!  I need a style guide- please help!


Hi “S”!

I feel your pain.  One of my fashion blogger friends, Sydne Summer, get me hooked on the costume jewelry from Forever21, especially for statement necklaces!  It would be easy to buy one of the gorgeous (or designer) $300 versions, but even easier to get THIRTY statement pieces from Forever21, for the same price.  Here are a few of my favorites (clockwise).  Happy shopping!

Geo Bib Necklace | Spike Link Necklace | Pointed Bib Necklace | Faux Stone Cluster Necklace | Faceted Faux Stone Necklace | Cutout Geo Crescent Necklace | Tiered Crescent Necklace





The best mother’s day gifts

the best mother's day gifts

Ok, so I’m a big believer that there really isn’t an answer to the “best” mother’s day gift, since the “best” gift really depends on your mother.  But hey, these are gifts that I know MY mom would absolutely love…and that’s good enough for me.

1. Maya Brenner Letter Necklace: What’s not to love about the initials of your children (Jamie and Melissa)?!  I feel like any mother would adore these dainty necklaces.

2. Jouer Cosmetics Deluxe Leather Train Case: I don’t know about you guys but my mom’s makeup case is a complete disaster.  I want to get my mom something classic, simple and chic for her to store her daily makeup products.

3. Flavor Infused Water Bottle: Unlike myself, my mom doesn’t really like drinking water.  From what I hear, infusing water with fruit seems to help the anti-water people get it down in a somewhat enjoyable way.

4. Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer: I don’t think my mom has purchased a new blow dryer since the early 90s, which is exactly why I want to get my mom a super modern, turbo-infused blow dryer that will literally knock her socks off.

5. Pottery Barn Glass Cloche Jewelry Storage: There’s something really elegant and whimsical about this jewelry holder and, funny enough, my mom’s name starts with an “A,” so I can already imagine what my mom’s jewels will look like in this holder.