Big Girl Presents


I just watched the new episode of GIRLS, “Incidentals,” and really took to the scene where Hannah realizes that she makes actual decent money at her GQ advertorial job, even though it’s not something she ever thought she’d do or, gasp, enjoy. It’s a funny thing that whole making money thing…sometimes, especially when you’re in your early 20s, you hold down jobs that you really don’t like, or even actually HATE.  I’ve done it…and I’m sure you know tons of others who have done it as well, and even though sticking with a job that you loathe sucks beyond belief, it DOES have its benefits.  For example, back in early 2008 (pre-recession), I accepted a PR job that gave me a HUGE pay boost…we’re talking like HUGE, and I remember the feeling I had walking down the street in SoHo when I decided to pop into Bloomingales to buy myself a new purse.  I bought myself the purple MARC BY MARC JACOBS DOCTOR’S PURSE (above, no longer available) that just made me simply smile.  I was proud of the fact that I could easily drop a few hundred dollars on a whim, just because.  Even though I had a job I didn’t really believe in or like, I was happy that I could afford the little luxuries I had always wanted for myself…and that’s something to be truly proud of, regardless.  I still have the bag and I think it may have to make a wardrobe comeback in the next few months, just because.

What have you bought yourself as a “just because I rock” present?

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