(Giveaway) in honor of My 8th “Blogiversary”!


Guys, I honestly can’t believe that today marks my 8TH BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY (“BLOGiversary,” if you will), but it does.  It also marks my first year as a full-time blogger AND, in honor of this monumental occasion, I’m giving away EIGHT of my favorite products (above) to EIGHT winners 🙂  Eight years of blogging…get it?  So yeah, eight of you will win EVERYTHING above. You’re welcome.

Each prize set is valued at more than $300, so make sure to enter and spread the word.

Here’s how to enter and more details on what you will win…


Obsessed: Dainty Gold Rings and a Skull Bracelet

dainty rings-skull bracelet

I’ve recently been on the hunt for some dainty gold rings when BOOM, my friends at JUSTFAB sent me their latest lookbook and I saw the TRES TRIO for, get this…$10.  I mean. I can’t.  Three super cute rings for $10…there are just no words and now I’m wondering why I was ever looking at similar versions that cost like $60-$100 EACH, right?

I’m also obsessing over the SKULL ABOUT bracelet, also for $10. I think I’m still in shock at how cool these pieces are at such an affordable price, so I just had to share.

On another note, I took this photo myself (!) and this is the first post of many to come (hopefully) where you can witness the photography skills of Jamie Stone…get excited.