KAPLAN MD Lip 20 Mask


I’m blaming my dry lips on the Santa Ana winds but, in reality, I think it’s a combination of not drinking enough water and the fact that I wear my Invisalign retainer at night.  Ok, maybe I’m making up that last part…but I’m convinced!  Regardless, I’m really into this KAPLAN MD Lip 20 Mask.  It’s not very often that you even come across a mask for your lips…so when I heard about it, I was really pumped to try it out.  My favorite part about this mask, aside from the fact that it did, indeed, exfoliate and moisturize my lips, is the fact that it is QUICK.  And, since I’m incredibly impatient and lazy, committing to a mask for 3-5 minutes is totally doable.  My lips got tingly, then I wiped off the mask with a warm wash cloth…then BOOM- moisture.  Thank you.