4 Things I love right now

4 things i love right now

Laundry by Shelli Segel Lace Sheath Dress: Sometimes it can be hard to find a good (and yet, still comfortable) cocktail dress.  I was recently sent this gorgeous dress and now I’m actually hoping I get invited to something fancy this week so I can wear it.  The color is amazing and the fabric feels soft and has some stretch to it, which I love.

Viewfinder app: It’s basically your camera roll re-imagined. So instead of just picking one or a few photos to share with your whole social network via Instagram, Viewfinder takes it up a notch by displaying and organizing all of your memories.  It’s a personal assistant of sorts for your photos which, personally, I REALLY need.

Frederick’s Knit Romper: I’ve never been a fancy pajama person but I actually really enjoy wearing this romper around my apartment…though, I definitely DO cover up when the UPS guy comes knocking.

Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask: I’ve been loving this cool, calming mask for my sensitive skin!  It’s also great for summer, since it’s so hot out, and of course it’s also fun to peel off the blue colored mask.