No Makeup Wednesday

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Galderma Laboratories L.P. through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Mirvaso, all opinions are my own, as per usual. Jamie Stone no makeup

Guys, I’ve worked REALLY hard on my skin over the past decade (see photo above with NO MAKEUP!) and so, when new products come out that will make my skin even better, well I get pretty excited about it.  Rosacea (a chronic inflammatory skin condition), for example, is a skin condition that I was diagnosed with at age 22 and I distinctly remember the conversation going a little something like this:

Me: I’ve been breaking out a lot. I think I have adult acne.

Derm: Yes, I can see that…and you’re also about to get full blown Rosacea as well.

Me: What? No. I don’t think so…my face is just red from the acne.

Derm: Right now, yes, but in a year or two, the acne will clear up and you’ll have Rosacea.