New York Reminders and a Happy New Year


I got back to LA late last night after spending seven days in New York and, I gotta say, this trip was really something.  New York IS (and always will be) my home but I really took some time this trip to wonder…could I move back now, at this point in my life?  The answer is…I still don’t know.  I’m totally, madly in LOVE with Manhattan but good GOD, could I really go back to having roommates and an 8×8 bedroom?  Probably not.

What I encountered on my trip, that I could get more of: businessmen in suits, extremely sarcastic group conversations, a man giving up his seat at a bar for a woman, real Italian food and greasy NY-style Chinese food,  my family and long-time friends, walking, and last, but not least, the pure energy that emanates from the New York City side walk.  I’ve also realized that I generally prefer winter clothing to any other season and, as weird as it is, I left NYC feeling more energized and refreshed than ever.  2013 was, how do you say it, kind of a shitty year for me and hey…it’s happens to everyone.  I’m not complaining because I know how truly lucky I am to have my health, my family, friends, etc. but overall…yeah, not my personal best.  I’m looking forward to a hypothetically clean slate in two days…are you with me?  Cheers to an amazing 2014- I see big things ahead.