How to Plan the perfect party

Holiday entertaining rules

First of all, Thanksgiving is Thursday- fact- and guys, entertaining is a legit concern in my world these days.  So back when I hosted a VMAs party for COVERGIRL, I had NO IDEA how much food or alcohol to get…really, to be honest.  I found myself googling “how much alcohol do you buy for six people?” and then some, which sucked, and I ended up getting annoyed and just took a guess.  Luckily, I ended up buying enough of everything but having a guide like this is crazy helpful ANY time you’re having a party or even just having a few friends over.  Obviously if your crazy Aunt Karen is a huge drunk, you’ll probably need more wine, but you can assess each situation as it comes along.  This is a great guide that I found in Fitness magazine…so you’re welcome.  P.S. you can get the awesome ice tray here and, of course, the wine is Seven Daughters!