6 Steps To the Perfect Manicure

6 steps to the perfect manicure

Nails have never been my thing, gotta be honest…but recently, I got to exploring the tools that you actually need to get a good mani.  There are like 5,000 tools on the market but, in reality, you only need these babies:

1. A Good Nail File: This is easier said than done.  Find a good nail file that not only looks cute, but also actually FILES your nails properly.

2. Cleansing Soap: I’m sooo not a fan of bar soap, but nail artists all say that bar soap does a better job of cleansing hands than anything else.  So, if I HAVE to use it, it may as well be CHANEL.

3. Tweezerman’s Pushy and Nail Cleaner: Stop using your other fingers to push back your cuticles!  This tool will do it for you, and better.

4. Cotton Pads: I’m totally guilty of using cotton balls and they’re just NOT as good since they shed everywhere and stick to your nails.  These pads are the business.

5. Base Coat: The Sally Hansen version serves as a base coat AND a top coat (two for one!).  I recently found out the importance of using a base coat (e.g. use one so your nails don’t turn yellow).

6. Polish: Et voila.  Top off your mani with your favorite nail polish of the moment.  Right now, I’m loving all things Deborah Lippmann.